Divorce Procedure – Ta’laq & Khula

Please call 703-953-0365, Any Monday/Tuesday or Friday between 3:30 – 5pm to book an appointment.

  1. Individuals or couples must meet with one of our Imams prior to proceeding with a divorce.
  2. The counsellors will listen to the individual’s / couple’s case, the party may bring any documented proof with them to the meeting if they wish.
  3. If the individual or couple wish to proceed with a divorce, they will need to:
  • Complete the divorce intake form
  • Provide a copy of the legal divorce
  • Provide a Photo I.D.

The Imam’s office will begin to help them collate all of the relevant documents, correspondence, and contact over the following weeks. The time period for processing a case will depend on the clients’ situation, circumstances, access and availability.

  1. If a divorce/khula is granted the client will be presented with a certificate accordingly within a period of two weeks. There is a fee for the certificate and the whole proceeding of $150 which may be paid by check or cash and may be paid on the day the divorce is granted.



  • There is no charge for the counselling and divorce service but there is a final fee of $150 for the Khula or Ta’laq (divorce) certificate.
  • When a man requests a divorce, or a woman requests a divorce with reason, it is known as ‘Ta’laq’ and when a woman requests a divorce without due reason; it is known as ‘Khula’.
  • Individuals cannot request or proceed with a divorce on behalf of other parties. All clients must represent themselves throughout the divorce procedure. They may be accompanied if they wish.
  • Divorces for couples who were married abroad still require a divorce from the court prior to proceeding with the Islamic Divorce Decree.


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