ADAMS horrified and sickened by the terrorist attack in Barcelona

The All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS) is horrified and sickened by the despicable terrorist attack in Barcelona, Spain and the death and injury of innocent people, including women and children. Our thoughts and prayers are for all those injured and killed in this attack and the victims’ families.
The Holy Quran teaches us explicitly that taking one innocent life is the same as taking the lives of all of humanity. Nothing can ever justify such evil actions.
The Islamic Community organization in Catalan, Spain has condemned the terrorist attack.
Islamic Law(Sharia) Fatwa(Religious Ruling) Against Terrorism
These horrific acts should NOT be permitted to vilify and stereotype the peaceful and law abiding Muslim community in Spain, Europe, America and worldwide.  These terrorists are not adhering to any religion, no matter how they may seek to deceitfully justify their actions.  
May God Almighty have mercy on all the victims and all their families, and on every person who suffers from the grief of this horrificact.

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