ADAMS Condemns Terror Racist Attack on VA. Anti-Racist Rally, Terrorist IED Bomb Hate Attack on Minneapolis Mosque, and Suspicious Murder of Sikhs in California

ADAMS Condemns Terror Racist Attack on VA. Anti-Racist Rally, Terrorist IED Bomb Hate Attack on Minneapolis Mosque, and Suspicious Murder of Sikhs in California

ADAMS calls on all public officials and interfaith leaders to continue to condemn the Aug 12, 2017 white nationalist terror attack at the Virginia Anti-Racist Rally in Charlottesville. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those attacked and especially Heather Heyer, who was killed, including the police officers(Berke Bates and Jay Cullen.) who died in the crash of their helicopter, and all those injured by the terrorist fanatic who drove into a crowd of protesters.

We denounce all manifestations of white nationalist/supremacist hatred and bigotry, in the same way that we have denounced similar actions in past years, by those who falsely claim to be acting in the name of Islam or other religions. Anyone who perpetrates such actions is a vile criminal and needs to be labeled as a terrorist murderer.

We thank Interfaith and Civil Rights groups that are standing up against these groups and sentiments. We also thank Law Enforcement for all their efforts, and Virginia State and Congressional officials for their strong condemnation of this horrific attack. ADAMS Board Member and Civic representatives had gone to Charlottesville on July 8, 2017 to attend the NAACP event to counter white nationalist and supremacist hatred, and we urge all groups to voice their support for those who denounce this bigotry.

ADAMS also condemns the August 5, 2017 IED bombing and apparent terror attack hate crime committed against the Minneapolis Mosque. While relieved that nobody was harmed in this attack, we commend the Governor of Minnesota who called this a terrorist action . We also commend all Minnesota civic and Law Enforcement Officials, and Interfaith leaders, for their support for the Minneapolis Muslim community. We appreciate the FBI taking the lead on this investigation, and urge this be investigated as hate and terrorist crime against Americans, with the perpetrators prosecuted accordingly. This is too reminiscent of the January 2017 terrorist hate crime attack on the Quebec City Islamic Cultural Centre that killed 6 people and injured 8. Since 2015 over 128 Mosques have been attacked and dozens of Muslims have been killed in hate crimes, alleged or confirmed, and the FBI reported an increase in hate crimes against Muslims by 67% that year.

ADAMS moreover condemns the murder of Subag Singh and Simranjit Singh of California, in separate and unrelated incidents. Sikh Americans wear turbans as commitment to their Faith, but too often people mis-identify them as Muslim and target them in Anti-Muslim hate crimes. On Sunday, July 23, 68 year-old Subag Singh was seen leaving home in Fresno, and when he didn’t return that evening, his family released a missing person notice. He was later found dead in a canal with physical injuries. And on Tuesday, July 25, 20 year-old Simranjit Singh was shot dead while working at a gas station near Sacramento. Earlier, Simranjit’s colleague had faced verbal and physical attacks by a group of men, and fled the scene to call 911. We therefore call on Law Enforcement to investigate this swiftly and determine the motive, and prosecute the perpetrators to the fullest extent of the law. We cannot allow another incident like 5 years ago when an armed neo-Nazi entered the Oak Creek Gurdwara and opened fire, killing six Sikh Americans and wounding four.

This must stop, and immediately. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the injured and deceased. Law Enforcement must respond swiftly to all such attacks, and do all possible to better protect our citizens. We urge our leaders and all those in positions of public authority to stand in solidarity with minority and vulnerable communities, and make clear that intimidation or hate crimes against any communities in North America will not be tolerated.

We also ask all our fellow Americans to share empathy, kindness, and goodwill to all others, especially those in difficult circumstances, and to further strengthen their bonds and involvement with community law enforcement nationwide. And we ask Almighty God to help our local and national leaders resolve and overcome this hatred.

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